His Dark Angel (Fated Love Series Book 2)


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*You do not need to read the first book to understand His Dark Angel. If you plan to read His Broken Angel, STOP NOW and read that first! Spoilers ahead*

I am Eva, the daughter of the two angels prophesied to keep light and love ignited for all eternity.
Despite my parents, my life has been filled with struggle, growing disdain within my heart.
On my 18th birthday I find my fated love in the least likely of places. For the past twelve years he has been my enemy.
Destiny has a funny way of revealing itself. While struggling to accept my new found love, I have an epiphany which leads me on a dark and dangerous journey, leaving destruction in my wake.
Can love and light overpower my dark will or shall I be the undoing of everything my parents worked so hard to protect.
Join me as I learn to love passionately and embrace who I truly am all while battling to fulfill my dark destiny.


Tags: darksexreincarnation/transmigrationfatedbadgirlwitch/wizardbxgmagical worldspiritualseductive
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“Beep… beep… beep…”

I awoke slowly. Opening my eyes I did not recognize my surroundings. There were tubes coming from my arms and an oxygen mask covering my nose and mouth.

Noticing that my eyes were open my mother rushed to my side.

“Eva, baby! You're awake!” she exclaimed before embracing me.

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