My Immortal Lovers


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Leave me a beautiful ending tomorrow
Let me embrace the beauty of my sin
Give me a sip of your sweet dew of love
Before I ended up in the hands of His judges
--- Romance 21+---
"How can I have you in the chaos of our destiny, my lover?"

What he has been doing all this time seems to be an obstacle to Delisha's life. All worries resulted from him. He was a source of danger and wallowing in sin, but still, he didn't want to let Delisha go.
Touching her was like sinning, he knew it was wrong, but still wanted her and couldn't stop. Looking at her calm sleeping face lulled by sweet dreams along his touch makes Devdas hope that tomorrow will not come. He is indeed a greedy creature and a bastard. He has immortality and abundant wealth, now he wants to rule time.


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Delisha really didn't think something like that would happen. She will find Maya and scold the ghost at home later. She reached into her shoulder bag for her sunglasses. “I'm in a different business, Mr. Boney!” Delisha replied urgently. She put on a sunglasses and then tossed her hair gracefully. “Now, excuse me, I have some urgent work to do!”……

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