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Laurel is a sixteen year old orphan. It's hard since she also has to deal with two noisy four year old twins, Clara and Jacob, her only family. It's been two years since their parents passed away in a car accident and life is just hard. That stupid vacation! That stupid rainy day!
Ms. Fiona, the lady running the orphanage seems to hate for a reason she doesn't know and makes her work her but in order to provide for her siblings, she has to. Not all needs are provided in the orphanage, you know. Oh, how she wishes she could just burn her....which, of course she can but that would reveal her secret to the evil human.
She works at Lucy's bakery since she has always loved baking. All she wishes and prays for is a miracle... someone or something to come take them away from the world they're in, to a peaceful loving have someone to love and care for them.
But will her prayers be answered.


It's been three years since Brett left home for training. Apparently, there are existing schools for pack members to attend.And the worst part is that it's boarding school....he hate school. Returning home to take over the pack but he crosses paths with a girl he has never seen and instantly knows she's his. Will he manage to claim her or will their love story end before it's even started.


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Chapter Two


Well, it's getting late and it's not safe staying out late. Something or someone could hurt her and the kids. The mere thought of someone hurting her in any possible way fills me with rage. I quickly shake off the feeling before everything goes out of hand. "Give her to me." she demands bringing me back to ……

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