Rowan Tempest

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Darkness encompasses her soul, trapping her in a world where blood brings blood, chaos breeds chaos, and love is but a myth.
Death and violence is seeded in her very being, stitching every fiber of her body with the threads of wickedness, ravenous anger, immeasurable anguish, and bitter hatred.

Her very purpose was evil itself.

Her fate was to become a seed of destruction, and for a time, she really did believe she'd be able to escape it.
But her naive nature lead to chaos, disaster, and death.

"Trust is useless, and love is a fantasy, only everlasting darkness and hell's hatred are my true allies."

No one can blame her for what she is, nobody can blame her for what she became.

They are the ones who made her this way..

They all had it coming.


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Chapter nine.

Sarah and Belle patiently waited all night for Kay to return, but it was only after sunrise that she finally showed up with her once pink pajamas completely ruined, tattered and torn all over and herself smelling like a homeless bum, decorated with enough bloodstains and mud to scare a Spartan.

She was a complete mess, but her expression ……

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