Heroes of the Past: Axuuhh World 500 Years ago

Grinn Azeed

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Here's a story... of the ancient times in Axuuhh World, where everything is far simpler, Kingdoms are ordinary, villages live in peace, adventurers earn glory by helping kingdoms, villages, and countries prosper.

Without monsters living with them, and magic isn't very important as they are only part of the vast knowledge gifted to them by God.

But the humans decided that they don't need God's blessing, they don't need any religion in this World of a peaceful place.

They petitioned between multiple Kingdoms, countries, to take down all religion because they use up a small amount of the nation's funds for other important things that can thrive.

And they have successfully done it and even declared in public that God has no power over them.

God was not happy about this, he accepted their dispute and released billions upon billions of monsters, without warning, millions of humans died.

Of course with that occurrence, hundreds of race were affected, they devised a plan, to either stop God's rampage or settle it and target It on humans specifically, the one who started all of this.

Humans are frightened that they are getting pinned on, so they summoned a Hero to protect them, they have gathered many of the best summoners of all the Axuuhh land.

Summoning a Hero, without any announcement he was summoned from his world, Earth.

Where he was a nobody, poor and powerless against oppressor.

He was treated kindly in this world, so he swore that he will do his all to protect humanity and alleviate God's anger.

(note: Book cover will be changed every now and then since it's Heroes of the Past, not Hero)


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