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Cheryll Love

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" Is everything okay babe" I look from the woman to Frankie.

"Uh yeah. This is my neighbor Khloe Bennet. Khloe meet my lovely wife Angel Rose" Frankie puts his arm over my shoulder.

"Wife?" Khloe shakes her head as in she's in denial.

"Isn't she adorable" Frankie kisses my cheek.

"Babe" I giggle.

"So you are married now?" Khloe frowns.


"Married as in you went to a courthouse and eloped" she asks.

"Far from it. We had a big wedding in Italy. I can show you pictures of the wedding if you like" I smile as I wrap my arms around Frankie's waist.

"I didn't know you were even dating" her tone is disapproving.

Like why would she feel the need to know what her neighbor gets up.

Angel has finally gotten the wife tittle she's been asking for from Frankie but let's not forget that though she loves him he would rather be anything but married. That doesn't mean he's not going to enjoy having her in his bed each night. He feels he deserves it after her refusing to give him some until she had a ring on her finger. His plan was to stay married for at least three months then end things but divorcing her proves to be harder than he thought as his uncle is expecting him to take his vows seriously. Frankie has been fighting not to let Angel in from day one and he knows that if his plan to end things with her doesn't work he'll find himself in love with the sweet Angel Rose weather he wants to or not. Add that to his neighbor who wants a piece of him and the mother of his children threating to come back and you get lots of drama.


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"Darling. How are you?" Melanie gives me a tight hug.

"I'm good. It feels like forever since I last saw you" I hold her hand smiling when we pull apart.

"I've been meaning to come visit but it didn't feel like the right time. I know newly weds tend to get caught up ……

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