Second Chances at love

Daisy Sparks

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"I didn't think I heard you right," Grace answered wishing her back was not already pressed against the body of the car because he was beginning to crowd her personal space and breathing was becoming difficult.
"Well now that you've realised that you clearly heard me, what do you say?" He smirked noticing her obvious discomfort.
"I—it—why would I want to see you again." She figured the safe way out was to play the offence card.
Kade frowned "Maybe I'll just have to show you then."
"What—how—why." Before she could form a coherent sentence, Kade yanked her close to him and covered her mouth with a sealing kiss, effectively ending all talk for the main time.
Grace moaned from the unexpected contact and Kade growled before deepening the kiss, she tasted of softness and sweetness, there was no other way for his brain to process the feeling, while he tasted of manliness and warmth, if it could be tasted.
Kade pressed the woman in his arms impossible closer and his hands drifted to the curves his eyes had been admiring, she snaked her arms over his shoulders and connected them behind his neck, allowing him more access to plunder her mouth, buds of arousal flattened against his chest and he grew more painfully excited, she snatched a handful of his hair as the evidence of his arousal strained between her thighs proving that she was as equally excited as he was.


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