the paranormal Priestess and her 16 paranormal ninjas

the singing storm ninja 34

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this is about a special paranormal Priestess that is abandoned at birth and is saved on day in a back alley in Old World China by 16 special ninjas. that are destined to be her husband's.
and give birth to a family that will be the start of a new ninja and priest and Priestess. it will be a real mystery but love and loyalty and bravery and strength will be the start of a great future. little does anyone know but their future children will be able to start anew race of ninja so let's see what happens


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the BIG!!!!! day

rain's (p.o.v)

I was just waking up from a very nice sleep it was 25 minutes past 8 a.m. I knew that today was going to be a big day I planned on packing lunch after I made breakfast so there's enough food for everyone to have what they want and then some because I plan on taking the guys with me into town to buy all the supplies to……

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