The Mafia Lord

Ice canjie

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Book 2 of The Devil Lord. (Read book I first before this)

“Save our son, please!”

Hikari and Serviguel got married in second time. They proof us how and what love can do. After a couple of years, Hikari born their first child named Seki Schoen. But, when the day he was born, their lives started to be in danger. Why? Let's find out.


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Book 3: Chapter 3

Seki Schoen Fustante 's POV

Bumalik si Zeus (Seyus) sa sala matapos magpunta ng kusina. Nanghihina siyang umupo sa katapat kong single couch at malalim na bumuntong hininga.

“So, what now?” I asked him confused. Ano naman kaya ang problema nito. The way he sigh is new to me, since Zeus is a person who is poker.

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