The Apocalypse:The past meets the future

Daramfon Etim

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Meet Amelia,a girl who had no idea that she would be drawn back to the past in order to have to fix her future.
A little girl from California,just wanting to fit in despite the odds surrounding her. When her mother died,she was devastated. There was no other option than to live with her father who gradually became a thorn in her flesh and he eventually led to the circumstance that killed her.
As if that was not enough, she reunites with her mother in a bardo state and instead of her mother allowing them to spend some time together,she decides to send her to another time and age leaving her with nothing but a necklace which can either mar or make her.
She has a past she dreads going back to,a future she cannot envision and worst of all a present she cannot cope with. So what will she do when she finds herself being reborn in the past and given the privilege to save her future and that of the world? Will she back down because she already dreads her very own existence or will she fight for the generation yet to be born?


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The cat is out of the bag

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What we think we can handle and what we can actually handle are two different things. I believed for a long time that life was always black and white yet I still strived to find a gray part to life because I believe earnestly that they should be more to life than what was being presented to us by light. We should lea……

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