Rowan Tempest

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After running non-stop from monsters for years, unable to rest or take a break, Tatsumi dies a painful and unfulfilled death, then by a twisted and miraculous hand of fate his consciousness is shot back into the past before it all happened.

Nobody knew exactly where they had come from in the first place; chaotic monsters, hell-bent on devouring every human in sight, it was humankind's great extinction, but now he has a chance to make a difference, even though the time he gets to prepare is hilariously short, how will he do it, with the knowledge that he possesses, can he make a difference?

Can he save anyone?
Can he find out why it happened on his second chance, can he actually survive this?

Akugami are right beneath their noses.


Tags: adventuredarktragedymale leadapocalypsehorror
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The last leg

“That’s enough...” Tatsumi leaned over as if he was going to fall then attacked Hato who was healing slowly because of his bones being liquidized in his body, even for him that was an unbearable pain, but he still managed to swing his fist at Tatsumi, it didn’t work though as the red-eyed latter of the two dodged the much slower attack and wrapp……

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