Mandy's Madness


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As the moon on those nights illuminated the dark, it also unveiled the gruesome murders. What will happen to the town that once feared the moonlight when the thing they dreaded in the past comes haunting the town once again? Can they unravel the mystery or will the moonlight bring them one way tickets to their own demise?


Never let the voices of the monsters lull you.


Tags: murderrevengedarktragedytwistedmysteryhighschoolliessecretshorror
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Russet’s POV

Nilibot ko ang tingin sa apartment building nila Amanda. After the main entrance, we walked through a hallway. Pagkatapos nun ay ang hilera ng mga apartments. Nasa magkabilang gilid ang hagdan papunta sa susunod na floor. Ganun din ang layout sa pangalawang floor.


We stopped in front of the……

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