Vivifica - A Mortals Ascension

Christian Ventura

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Raizel, previously known as Aaron Kominski who is now reincarnated in a world called Encairydia, seeks to gain power in any way possible due to the fact that his previous life did not go so well.
Gained the title: Destroyer to mend his lust for destruction and seek vengeance for his previous life that he got killed.
Now a more powerful being, is there anyone who can stop his rampage as he transcends at the pinnacle of power?


Tags: adventuremurderkillerdarkdare to love and hateevilanother worldcruelSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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"We finally meet at last" A voice spoke trough my head while I'm still unconscious.

"Who are you?" I responded with a question.

"I am no one for I am forgotten" he said.

Puzzled, I asked many questions to everything I've noticed so far.

"Where am I?" I said.

"You are currently on my ……

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