Her fiery desire

Jeanre Putter

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Until the treaty, war was all Fraya had ever known. Chosen by her people as the queen of werewolves, it is her job to ensure the treaty stays in place. Fraya longs for a mate to start building a future with but fate seems to be playing a cruel joke on her when it gives her, her enemy as her true mate. Following her heart causes secrets to unravel that threatens the treaty she had fought so hard for. Will she stand back and loose the man destined to be her's or will she fight for her future?


Tags: forbiddenfamilykickass heroineself-improvedprincequeentwistedenimies to loversFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing ContestGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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Chapter 36


The first thing that I realize as I wake up, is the soft pillow underneath me instead of the hard chest of my mate. I quickly get up and see that the bed is empty and instantly fear and panic starts creeping up my spine. Did something happen while I was out cold? I climb of the bed and immediately call for him through our conn……

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