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In the middle of protecting the General's grandson, something bad happened, something that stuck Eleuthera in the cage. A cage that will test her, if she fails to go out, she will die from the pain caused by her own mind.

Can Eleuthera Augustine fulfill her mission to protect the General's grandson even she knows her life will be at stake? And how can she protect a person if she also needs protection?

"It sucks how my mind in danger me but no matter how hard and impossible it is as long as there's a tiny hole, there's a way out. "


Tags: spy/agentdarktime-travelfatedkickass heroinetragedytwistedmysterydisappearancefriendship
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Chapter Nineteen

"Wake up, Eleuthera. Wake up."

She can hear her Kuya Ellsworth's voice waking up her, she can hear him clearly. Katulad nito ay gusto na rin niyang magising, bumangon sa kama, maghanda para sa mga ipapagawa ng Kuya Eldred niya, pagkatapos ay sumakay sa nakaabang na army chopper sa labas ng bahay para maghatid sa kanya sa headquarter……

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