Recuerdo De Amor Island 1: Into My Heart - Completed


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Recuerdo de Amor is an island owned by group of rich, bachelor, handsome men in the country. Its exclusive for men only. The island has complete facilities and modern technology but the highlight of the island are the beautiful and magnificent mansions owned by the 7 founders.

Christian Alvin Gonzalez is one of the 7 founders of Recuerdo de Amor Island. He belongs to a very old wealthy family and the CEO of Gonzalez Empire. At the age of 25 he's one of the very successful businessman in Asia. He's known as "ruthless beast" in a world of business. Halos lahat takot na banggain sya. But only his friend knew the real him.

Lianna Belle Alarcon... galing sa simpleng pamilya. Dreaming to become successful in the field she chooses for her family. Also, one of her dream was to work in RdA Island. She has a beauty with a soft heart.
Makakaya nya rin kayang pasukin at palambutin ang puso ni Christian?


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"Welcome to Recuerdo de Amore Island 12th Annual Fiesta Everyone!

Today we celebrate the 12 successful and fruitful years of this island. We'd been this far without knowing it. Love blooms in this island a lot and gave us wonderful blessing in life, our children. Right now we are also celebr……

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