Little Red


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In the middle of the night a little girl were found creeping out from the woods with lots of mud soaked on her skin. It looks like she's a rogue but her scent were way too sweet for the werewolves to determine.

Instead of killing the shewolf rogue they found, the "Blue moon Pack" accepted her and became their most impressive female fighter.

Her name is Renee, the lost princess of Moon Stone Royalty and who's family got killed and replaced by her older brother Reagan.

Revenge was the first thing that's written on her list while Renee became stronger and stronger through the years. However, one thing is missing for her to fully accomplished her plans, and it is to find her mate who unfortunately Rejected her.


Tags: revengematebadgirlkickass heroineprincessheir/heiressYA Fiction Writing ConteststraighthighschoolGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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It was raining so hard in the middle of summer in GravenVille, where the Blue Moon pack are currently tracking down some hints of rogues.

As they kept on running and keeping track on trails. They suddenly heard a noise coming from behind. The wolves saw a broken twig and a child wearing a red cloak that's lying dead on the ground.


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