Star Runners Omnibus

L.E. Thomas

348653 reads

Books 1-3 of the Star Runners Series. 


Embark on a journey unlike any other with the Star Runners: Omnibus-the first three complete novels set in the Star Runners universe compiled into one novel for the first time! Join Austin Stone as he is recruited to a mysterious academy that will challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself and the universe. 


Chock full of space battles and interstellar adventure, this special collection includes Star Runners, Star Runners: Revelation Protocol and Star Runners: Mission Wraith.


Tags: adventurespacestudentseriousstraight
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Chapter 118

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“He’s dead, sir.”

Captain Rufino Rampa watched as the Star Runner’s body twitched. The dying man, who had been brought to Nesteel last month, lost control of his bodily functions in the final moments. He had been the day’s third failure.

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