Bliss and Coffee


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"Fuck you!"

"I already fucked you many times..." He then wriggled his eyebrows and continued. " my mind."

Dome narrowed his eyes and got paled. "Dirty minded dickhead!"

"Umh." He emphasizes the last two letters. "I just have a sexy imagination." A loud laugh echoed in the room. His shoulders were moving up and down.

His laugh stopped when Dome looked at him intently, he leaned forward not breaking their stare. Not knowing the reasons, his heart beats fast. 


Dome loves his personal space too much until a dark, tall and handsome man threatened to cut his balls. Not knowing at that very moment, his life will change forever. He became living together with the tan man.

Pavel was an Engineering student. His life is peaceful until the news of him being a father broke out at their school. Rumors started spreading out and became more intense when they found out that he was living together with a guy.


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