Once she was born


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Once she was born is a story based on Fantasy. It is the first series of the Quadrilogy “The Four Realms”.

“Once she was born” the first part, revolves around a prophecy about the birth of a child named ‘Enamor’ who shall be the saviour of the Universe from the Evil. 

There was a Kingdom, the Sapphire Kingdom, in the supernatural realm ruled by the Royal blood Vampires which was challenged by the witch queen of the Dark Realm.
The Sapphire Kingdom, was always ruled by Royal blood Vampires who ensured peace and harmony among the different realms. The story is about the reign of the Royal Blooded Vampire king Stalon and a fallen Angel Queen, Raina. Their only child and Hybrid heir of the kingdom Sapphire, Gordon, was a very handsome and lively man who was the dream of many. He was trained in war affair and combats by the most trusted Minister and the most powerful Vampire of the kingdom who has excelled in the art of war.
On the other hand, a very powerful and cruel witch, Mara, who desired to rule the entire Universe, was the queen of the Dark Realm beside a hybrid King Tremor. They both developed a very powerful and wicked army of hybrids and called them the Saltons. The army was invincible and impregnable.
There was a Prophecy that the daughter of the hybrid prince and his human mate, who will be named "Enamor", will stop the destructions that will be caused by Mara and her cruel son "Nightfall.”


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