The Smoking Bad Boy

Taylor Cale

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"Nikolai, leave me alone. You are more pestering than a goddamn cockroach," I say with a snarl.
"Oh, Vitoria. You really shouldn't be using that language, but I can change that quickly if you keep misbehaving." 

I walk away from the bastard.

Vitoria Fay. Age: 18. Height: 5'2. School: Walker's End High School. Hair color: Dirty Blonde. Eye color: Bright green. Popularity status: Baddest bitch of them all. Crush: Herself (for right now). 

Nikolai Hancock. Age: 18. Height: 6'2. School: W.E.H.S. Hair color: It's dyed a different color every week. Eye color: Grey. Popularity status: The only bad boy. Crush: Vitoria Fay for 10 years. 

What happens when Vitoria catches Nikolai smoking in a town that forbids it? What happens when Nikolai finds out Vitoria's biggest secret? Will Vitoria and Nikolai start dating? 


Tags: murderpossessivesex
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