Fang of White Dragon


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“Boss, is that the… white dragon?”
The dwarf was pointing at an enormous, dark figure that was fast approaching from above.
The leader’s face turned very pale and his legs began to shake uncontrollably.
The dragon’s wings blocked out the sun, plunging the skies above the glacier into darkness. The air turned so cold that it felt like the world would freeze over.
“Boss let’s get out of here!”
“It is too late,” the leader stammered. “Get ready to fight!”
The mercenaries felt like their bodies were being torn to pieces as the freezing wind whipped through the great glacier.
When the winds finally died down and they could see again, they found themselves face to face with the white dragon! He was staring ferociously at them, his eyes full of fire.
He greeted them in a low, stirring voice.
“Humans? Dwarves? Elves? Whatever you are, I would like to welcome you here to my research institute. I am Samuel White, the frostwing. What do you want to know?”


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