Blade in the Dark


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From the slums there emerges a young girl, as beautiful as a flower, and her thief brother. Every day, Eddy says goodbye to his sister and goes to "work." He squats in a corner and waits for a while. When it seems that there won't be any of the right people coming by, he stands up and walks a short distance to another spot that he often goes to. Sometimes it takes him weeks to find a proper victim and, in the meantime, he often returns home with nothing to show for his efforts. Of course, if he wandered the inner city streets, he could pick the pockets of the people to his heart's content. He won't do that, though. He has guidelines that he strictly adheres followed. He is not as noble as Robin Hood, but he isn't willing to steal from those amongst the working class either.
As a token of her gratitude for all that he does, Eddy's sister presents him with a VR Game Helmet, and things begin to change for them. With his helmet settled on his head, Eddy joins the Evil League, becomes an undead thief, and sets out into the land of Enzes with an elf as a guide.
What he will find there is, as of this moment, still unknown.


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As night fell, most of the players found their way back into the towns. Once they were safe, many did as Eddy did; he took a break from the game, ate, took care of a few real-world obligations, and returned as quickly as they could. Once Eddy was back, he set up his stand in the market in the hopes of selling off his extra equipment.


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