Destruction, Death, and Emily Macbeth

Nicole Green

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What happens when all the lights go out? When the light gets casted out and shadows fill every corner, and all you can see is the dark nothingness that causes your other senses to heighten; what happens? This isn't a story of a girl that overcomes her fear of heights and spiders. This is a story of a girl that usually runs away from her fears because she knows that the shadows aren't shadows and the bumps in the night aren't just bumps. Her mind is filled with nightmares that she can never get rid of.


Tags: DemonFantasyRomanceDark
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Emily's small hand wrapped around Sam's big one, before tugging him to start running. Sam looked between her and the darkness, unsure of what to do. As the red eyes ran closer, Sam realized what was happening and began running, this time pulling Emily. Emily didn't understand what was happening. She was so confused and disoriented. First, someon……

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