Wolf Boy

G.D. Sammon

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Ever since Connor Meredith’s dad had died in mysterious circumstances, Connor had been able to see things. Strange things. Connor and his mum had been forced to move house and school. The shock of his father’s unexplained death, while on a mission with the Army Reserves, led to Connor having psychological therapy once a month. And no wonder …

Because Connor had been struck blind by the shock, yet somehow he could still see – with his mind. Connor had experienced a series of waking nightmares in his room. Creatures battled under his bed at night, and the yellow glowing eyes of a wolf glared at him from his wardrobe doors. One night Connor decided to investigate the wolf in the wardrobe, taking him on a fantastic adventure to a world dominated by wolf people, in constant battle with hideous forest creatures led by a cruel human.


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‘It was him’, said Connor.

They were looking at old photos of Connor’s father, Perry – Peregrine Meredith - who had died a year ago in mysterious circumstances. His body had never been found.

‘It’s him!’ sh……

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