Forgetting to Breathe

Megan E. Bean

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"Wonderfully bright Ashley Engles feels extremely nervous on the first day of her senior year at Cactus High. Having skipped a year, Ashley now has to face kids in class she’s never met before. She goes to her first class full of apprehension and meets someone who will turn her world upside down.

Keira Mitchell is captain of the golf team at Cactus High School, attractive, athletic, and popular -- every boy in high school’s dream girl. Except she isn't. Keira is openly gay and currently in a relationship. And she keeps a painful secret to herself.

Sparks fly when Keira ends up sitting next to Ashley in math class. But trouble looms. How will Ashley’s best friend since first grade react to the new development? Will Ashley be able to keep her oldest friendship and start a love relationship at the same time? When she discovers Keira’s secret, will Ashley and all her loved ones sail through stormy waters and reach the calm with all her relationships intact?

Is it really possible to have it all?"


Tags: GxG
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Chapter 30-5

We had set up a dinner at our house and invited my family and a few of our close friends. We were going to tell them about the engagement, so we lied and said we were celebrating our anniversary. My mother thought it was odd that we were throwing ourselves an anniversary party, but no one else seemed to give it a second thought.

“Are you……

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