"Love, Trust, and Secrets"

L.A. Bryce

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"For a man on the run, is finding love a good enough reason to stay? And for a man who doesn’t want to leave, is a secret enough reason to walk away?

Even though a bad situation brings Tyler and Jarod together, they quickly find the good in their relationship. But when Tyler falls in love and finds the feelings returned, he’s forced to question if his and Jarod’s relationship is worth risking his freedom, his life, and their hearts.

Jarod knows Tyler is hiding something, but his fear of scaring Tyler away has him accepting Tyler’s silence. But instead of keeping Tyler close, Jarod’s avoidance ultimately leads to Tyler being taken away, leaving Jarod clueless and unable to help the man he loves.

Love, Trust, and Secrets is a story whose main focus is the love between two men and all the trial and tribulations that come with that love."


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Jarod put his truck in park and glanced at his watch. He had a lot of time left, but couldn’t wait around his house anymore. He had needed to get out before he’d gone crazy. Without Ty there, it had been too empty, the rooms too quiet.

Jarod jumped out, then opened the back door, grabbed his bag, and flung it over his shoulder.


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