The Fool

Gordon Phillips

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"Keith, single and in his thirties, is given a paid tarot reading session with a top psychic for his birthday. Unexpectedly, after the Lovers card is drawn, the reading produces four nines in a row, which the psychic says is a strong message from the universe. To find love, Keith must keep his eyes open for occurrences of nine.

On his way to meet up with his friend George, Keith meets George’s friend Zvika, someone he has always found unnerving. As Keith also gets to know Zvika, though, he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic man. But they are unalike, and while opposites might attract, can they live happily ever after? Is the persistent number nine a problem or a solution?"


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Chapter 12: Connection-3

The days after that were quite wonderful, but I still felt the loss of George. And, to my annoyance, I still wondered about that “message from the universe.” The manifestations of nine kept happening, though I didn’t always note them in the notebook.

One time when I was sitting on the couch, writing in it, and Zvika, coming into the room……

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