Á Deux

Alexey Kovalev

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Á Deux is is a short, 100-page modern literary attempt at the Myth of Job in the form of a dialogue that explores some contemporary scientific, philosophical, and spiritual ideas in search for comprehending the creation of the Universe as well as current state of civilization.
It also includes personal story and a new rendering of the last two days of Christ from His human nature perspective.
The dialogue wraps up with the Crown of Sonnets.


Tags: Spiritual
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Footnotes to “A Deux”:

1 Line from J. Brodsky’s poem “At the Pushkin monument in Odessa”

…one who said in trembling voice

«Farewell, free nature»

To disappear forever in the prison waste,

where there is no gate…”

2 Arcady and Boris Strugatskys’s novel “The Time Wanderers”

3 John Leslie.Canadian p……

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