The Day The Humans Came


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Ava is a human that has never been to Earth. That's because a few decades before she was born, the earth became unlivable. All of the governments came together to make a plan to get everyone off the planet. Now mankind lives on spaceships in space, trying to find a planet that is suitable for then to live on. What happens when Ava's ship crashes onto a planet with aliens? And not short, greens things with three eyes and three fingers. Beautiful, tall beings that seem to glow from the inside. And what happens when one of those aliens takes an interest in Ava?
Dazz is an alien. Everything is normal until a strange, metal machine crashes onto his home planet, carrying strange looking guests. One in particular catches his eye. A beautiful girl with long, brown hair that comes down to mid thigh, large, doe-like, hazel eyes, plump lips and curves for days. As he spends more time with her, he starts to feel something for her. And what happens when he kisses her?


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