Pure As Blood


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Anastacia Ravenwood is engaged to Austen, they have been together for 5 years. One night when she was home alone, she was kidnapped by Cole Kaden. He takes her to use her to lure Austen back. Anastacia learns Cole's ways. He is honest with her from the start, but she knows there are somethings he won't tell her. They become close and soon starts to develope feelings for each other.

But at the annual ball, she comes to learn his true plans, to use her as a pawn to kill his brother, Who happens to be her fiance. Everything starts making sense to her, all the secrets that they both kept from her is clear to her. And her own secret that she is yet to know is revealed.

She struggles to find her way after awakening. Trapped in a web of disaster, being in love with two brothers, who happen to be vampire royals. And what about the fact that She can't seem to stay away from Cole, no matter how hard she tries?


Tags: KidnappingRomanceVampireBad-boySex
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