Boardwalk Baby

Cora Buhlert

833 reads

There are two things about herself that Izzy has always known with absolute certainty: One, that she was adopted and two, that she has an affinity for the sea. For from her earliest memories on, the ocean has always called out to Izzy. But her adoptive parents thwart her attempts to get closer to the sea at every turn.

When Izzy turns eighteen, she goes in search of her past and her birth family. It's a quest that will take her to the boardwalk of Ocean City, New Jersey, and to a mysterious fur coat that might hold all the answers to Izzy's questions.

This is a fantasy novelette of 8300 words or approximately 27 print pages.

Warning: There are a few rude words in this story, because teenagers sometimes swear.


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Boardwalk Baby-4

Izzy shook her head. “They called me Isabel, after Mom’s mom.”

“That’s a nice and sensible name,” Lieutenant Kennedy said kindly, “Probably better than Eloisa.”

That, Izzy thought, was a matter of opinion. She leant forwards. “Do you know anything about my birth parents? Anything at all?”

Lieutenant Kennedy shook his head. ……

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