Fire Light Fire Bright

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks Hotshots romance story-

Candace Cantrell fights forest fires as a lead member of a hotshot crew. When she lands the opportunity to build a brand new crew of her own, she ends up with more than she bargained for.

Former Navy SEAL Luke Rawlings struggles with a past he can’t leave behind. A past that blinds him to the future, until the moment he tries out for a new hotshot crew.

Most people wish upon a star. Hotshot crews do it differently:
Fire Light Fire Bright


Tags: Firefighter
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Candace sat at the edge of the grass clearing, outside the circle of firelight, and watched the final twenty sitting around the campfire. Day Ten, they’d made it. And just as importantly, so had she. The Leavenworth IHC was happening.

Dad and the department’s mostly volunteer crew had delivered hotdogs and burgers with all th……

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