Halloween at Glosser’s

Robert Jeschonek

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It's Halloween 1970, and Erin Lewis can't draw anything scary enough to win the window painting contest at Glosser Bros. Department Store in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The 16-year-old has other things on her mind, like holding a séance at Glosser's to contact her brother, who died a year ago in Vietnam. Will he keep his promise and make contact from the other side? Or will Erin receive an equally shocking message from closer to home? Either way, it will be a Halloween she'll never forget. Neither will the crowd at the annual Glosser Bros. Halloween Parade when she turns one of the floats into her own personal horror show. Don't miss this trip back in time to the glory days of the Glosser Bros. Department Store by Robert Jeschonek, award-winning author of LONG LIVE GLOSSER’S, CHRISTMAS AT GLOSSER’S, EASTER AT GLOSSER'S, and PENN TRAFFIC FOREVER. It's a blast from Halloween past, complete with window painting, the Shaffer twins, and a parade down Main Street...a spooky, nostalgic story for the whole family.


Tags: DemonMonsterVampireGhostWitch
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