Progressive Dinner Deadly

Elizabeth Spann Craig

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Who wants chips and dip when they can have Dickens and Twain?

To the residents of the sleepy town of Bradley, North Carolina, hardworking Jill Caulfield seemed beyond reproach. She volunteered at the women’s shelter, worked at the church preschool, cleaned houses for extra money, and actually enjoyed yard work. And she was nothing less than a saint to cheerfully put up with her unemployed, skirt-chasing, boozer of a husband.

When intrepid octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover caught Jill, her new housekeeper, peering into her medicine cabinet, she should have been upset. But discovering that Jill wasn’t such a squeaky-clean goody-goody made her vastly more interesting in Myrtle’s eyes.

Myrtle would have happily continued figuring out what made Jill Caulfield tick. If Jill hadn’t foolishly gone and gotten herself murdered, that is.


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Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Eighteen

Myrtle swallowed hard. “I suppose so, If you really want to visit, Simon. How’s that leg of yours doing? That’s a nasty bite Kojak gave you.”

Simon growled, “Stupid dog. I knew you’d figured out I killed Cullen when you were looking at my leg.”

“Willow told me that Kojak hated you. And I knew you were lying about cut……

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