The Luckiest Woman Ever

Nell Goddin

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A widow in a mansion. Dark secrets. And poison, deadly poison.

After amateur detective Molly Sutton stumbles on a dead body, she wastes no time before eavesdropping and elbowing her way into conversations all over the French village of Castillac. But when Chief Dufort is about to clap handcuffs on the wrong man, she’s got to do more than chat to save him. Will she have the stuff—and the skill—to pull it off?

The Luckiest Woman Ever is the second book in the Molly Sutton Mystery series. (Though you learn more about Molly and her friends reading the books in order, the mysteries are standalone.) If expertly woven cozy mysteries, characters with depth, and detectives with a taste for French food are your thing, Nell Goddin's tales of murder will be right up your alley.

Come follow the twists and turns of the case along with Molly--get your copy of The Luckiest Woman Ever today!


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comment vas-tu?…How are you?

La Baraque…the house or shed

pâtisserie…pastry shop

Café de la Place…café on the square

café crème…espresso with milk



gîte…holiday cottage

ma belle…my beauty


châtelaine…mistress of a castle



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