Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky

M. L. Buchman

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-a Delta Force romance story-
Delta Force operator Chris Cooper once again stands in the nightmare that is Helmand Province, Afghanistan. His mission: to remove the Taliban leadership, again.

Born in the Soviet-Afghan War, trained by the Mujahideen, and the Americans after them, Azadah believes her heart and hope are spent past return.

They must fight together if they hope to find Her Silent Heart and the Open Sky.


Tags: MilitarySuspense
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It was as bright as a lightning bolt heaved from the heavens, but straight as an arrow.

Azadah could not see the ground at her feet and could only rely on her contact with Chris to lead her to safety.

She turned her head enough to watch the lightning bolt as it struck down behind them. A ball of fire erupted back to……

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