Bloody Bananas

Cora Buhlert

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When supermarket employee Nelson Grant is found bludgeoned to death next to a half empty crate of bananas, the case seems a complete mystery. For Nelson Grant was well liked by his colleagues, so who could possibly want him dead?

But then Detective Inspector Helen Shepherd and her team discover that the crate contained more than just bananas and the case suddenly acquires a whole new dimension.

This is a mystery novelette of 12300 words or approximately 45 print pages.


Tags: MurderMysterySuspense
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“Nelson only wanted to do what a good citizen should do,” Helen said, “He stumbled upon a cache of drugs and wanted to turn it over to the proper authorities. But I take it that you disagreed.”

“Damn right, I did. Five million quid, Inspector. Do you have any idea what I could do with that sort of money? I could start my own store. Lik……

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