Heaven Bent

Robert Jeschonek

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Where do superstars go when they die? A special Heaven, of course, where the music and parties go on forever. But when Stag the movie star gets there, he soon discovers that all is not as it seems. Hidden horrors lurk around every corner, and every angel has a devil inside. Worst of all, a deadly menace brews in Heaven's heart, a force of pure evil about to turn both Heaven and Earth into full-on, blistering hells. When Stag learns the truth, he teams up with the greatest dead rock stars, rappers, and movie stars to take on the danger rocketing toward them...but do they stand a chance of stopping it? Angels and devils clash in an apocalyptic struggle that shakes the foundations of reality. Shocking secrets and mysteries collide, casting aside all the lies in a final conflict that could tear down Heaven and Earth...or forge a dazzling, surprising destiny in the hands of Stag and his band of superstar rebels. Don't miss this exciting novel by award-winning storyteller Robert Jeschonek, a master of hard-hitting science fiction and fantasy that really packs a punch.


Tags: ActionAdventureDemonFantasyParanormalThrillerUrban
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Special Preview: Day 9-2

Barcelona, Spain - November 1883

I am at a crossroads when he enters my life.

A year and a half ago, a bishop laid my first stone. In the time since then, I have grown; workers have dug and lined my foundations, sprawling over this space in the heart of the city.

It is a fitting spot, as I am meant to become that……

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