Beneath the Ferny Tree

David Schembri

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Dig into the cold earth, pull away the damp leaves and burrow deep down to uncover true darkness...

Face the horror of war-torn Germany with Edmund as he fights to rescue his family. Confront the same overwhelming dread as Cody, in the midst of a futuristic prison, is haunted by his past and desperate for a chance at redemption. Discover true monsters aboard a slaver’s ship on the high seas and witness a more twisted side to Christmas.

Uncover these and other bleak mysteries in Beneath the Ferny Tree.



Tags: Dark
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The Black Father Of The Night

The Black Father Of The Night


Translated from the original Finnish


From trunk to branch, shrub to root,

Their bones we will grind to mix with flour,

Their claws we will bind, their throats be slit,

They will hang and drain for an hour.


Through the night t……

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