Daddy’s Little Girl

Robert Jeschonek

10804 reads

Ever since the Voices started, little Bonnie can't sleep anymore. Every night, they whisper through the walls of her room, casting a dark spell over someone in her family...preparing them for a rampage of gruesome murder. What if the only way for Bonnie to save her family is to destroy someone she loves? And what if the secret of the Voices is even deadlier and more terrifying than she can imagine? Don't miss this story by award-winning writer Robert Jeschonek, a master of shocking horror that really packs a punch.


Tags: murder
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Special Preview: Bloodliner-2

It was as if someone had heard Jonah’s silent cry. Seconds after he tried in vain to scream his head off, the sound of gunfire crackled in the alley.

Multiple impacts shook the blood-drinking girl and pitched her from her knees to the dusty floor of the alley. As she dropped, so did the veil and filaments of blood. So did the floating skul……

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