A Hotshot Christmas

M. L. Buchman

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-a Firehawks Hotshot romance story-

Heavy equipment driver Sheila Williams got blown up one too many times. The Army kicked her loose for that idiot reason. How the hell she ended up in a tourist town for the holidays makes even less sense.

Hotshot Randall Jones fights wildfires for a living. The adrenaline fits him like a fire in the forest.

They both feel the heat in a Hotshot Christmas.


Tags: Second Chance
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Chapter 13

The shower was fun as always.

Sheila almost felt shy sharing it with the firefighter that Randall had turned into, but shy had never been a thing between them. Still, now that she knew the hard-core firefighter that lurked beneath his easy-going demeanor, it was like she was with someone else. Someone even better than she’d thought she w……

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