The Puppets of Washington Box-Set 1 (Books 1,2,3 & 4)

Lavina Giamusso

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From the deceptively staid halls ofthe capitol to the most exotic parts of the world, a complex conspiracy thatredefines international intrigue unfolds in The Puppets of Washington series.

BOOK 1 - WASHINGTON DC: The Sadir Affair -

An agent shot by an assassin.Another on the run and accused of the attack. A CIA cover-up to hide a failed operation that floods the U.S. with illegal drugs and moves faulty armaments to Israeli troops in the Gaza strip. And manipulating everything from the shadows is the enigmatic figure known only as the Puppeteer.

BOOK 2 - AUSTRALIA: The Puppeteer -

Two years ago, agents Talya Kartz and Samuel Meshullam were accused of crimes against the Israeli government. Though cleared of wrongdoing in the United States, they still need to find out who set them up and why. Unable to rely on their own, they find help with the Canadian Secret Service and begin a worldwide chase that begins in Australia to locate the dangerous individual known only as the Puppeteer.

BOOK 3 - MALI: The Beginning -

Three years ago, a Carmine Resources agent vanished with half a million dollars while on assignment in Mali. New agent Talya Kartz was sent to investigate, and quickly discovered that the simple missing person case was ballooning into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Framed for a murder and few allies to trust, the only way out may require the help of a Prince.

BOOK 4 - DAKAR: The Savoi Affair -

The accidental revelation of the Puppeteer's identity only escalates the international crisis unfolding in Dakar. Agents Talya Kartz andSamuel Meshullam are racing against time to solve their ever-growing list of mysteries, all tied together with tenuous links to the Puppeteer. In order to bring the Puppeteer to justice and save themselves, they need to get to Ottawa before their enemies can stop them.



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Chapter 64
Chapter 64

There were questions still to be answered once Samuel and Talya finished telling Mrs. Leroux the story that ignited a chain of events that could only be extinguished when the Puppeteer was caught and tried for his crimes.

In all the turmoil that encumbered her life from the moment Talya set foot in Senegal, there was one fact tha……

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