Delta Mission - Operation Rudolph

M. L. Buchman

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-Delta Force romance story #9-

In three days, Betsy retires from a decade as a Delta Force tracker and shooter. But a training mission gone wrong...or perhaps “strange” is a better word...sets her one last challenge.

St. Nick’s lead reindeer, whose name is actually Jeremy, has gone missing. The dangerously handsome chief herder elf, Horatio, needs the best tracker in any world.

Is Betsy hallucinating?
Can Christmas be saved?
Is there enough time left for: DELTA MISSION: OPERATION RUDOLPH


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Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Betsy leaned against the yew tree that made one side of the stable’s main door and pulled her red-and-white parka more tightly about her as she watched Horatio with the herd. It was Christmas Eve and once more the excitement practically shimmered through St. Nick’s stables.

Harnesses with bright polished bells were laid upon well……

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