Love in the Drop Zone

M. L. Buchman

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-Delta Force romance story #8-

Cindy Sue Chavez rocks Delta Force training. However, this time the instructor drives her more than a little crazy. Almost as crazy as being called Cindy Sue.

Master Sergeant JD Ramírez believes in pushing his squad, male or female, as hard as he pushes himself. But Cindy Sue? Her he pushes the hardest of all.

When the mission calls for the sharpest Delta Force can offer, they discover LOVE in the DROP ZONE.


Tags: Suspense
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Chapter 8

JD still couldn’t get a read on what Cindy was thinking. She was not a woman who wore her thoughts on her sleeve. Or on those beautiful lips.

Her smile had either said that’s all she thought the op was, an interesting challenge. Or was it some sort of double entendre about himself. He just couldn’t tell. He could hope, but he couldn’t tel……

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