Logan Ryvenbark's Saga Box Set

Gray Lanter

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The seven books on the Series "Logan Ryvenbark"s Saga"
at a lower price with our new Box-Set

BOOK 1 - Deadly Enemy
BOOK 2 - Deadly Dream
BOOK 3 - Deadly Squad
BOOK 4 - Deadly Squad II
BOOK 5 - Deadly Planet
BOOK 6 - Deadly Void
BOOK 7 - Deadly Voyage


Tags: spaceheavynon-hunman leadapocalypsemultiversewar
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Chapter 35
Chapter 35

I thought of Carmen’s statementaboutarmy ants as the Molochs, flames burning the first rows ofwarriors, marched ever so steadily through the valley. They werewithin a hundred yards of the canyon now. The fires turned theirflesh and faces black. Their noses and mouths burned and twisted inthe cackling red. They said nothing. No moans, n……

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