The Slaughterers

Robert Jeschonek

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A gang of vicious scalpers roams the Arizona territory in the Old West, slaughtering town after town. Only one man stands in their way: a sword-wielding Arabian knight named Badr al-Medina. To stop the scalpers' killing spree, Badr makes a stand at the next town in their path, Oasis...only to find the place hip-deep in corruption that could turn his fight into a suicide mission. But surprising new allies give Badr fresh hope, as he unleashes the power of his Damascus steel sword, his six-shooter revolvers, and his fiery faith in an all-out war in the blood-soaked streets of Oasis. Don't miss this story by award-winning writer Robert Jeschonek, a master of action-packed Westerns that really pack a punch.


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The Slaughterers-18

The air was still crisp as Badr finished his pre-dawn prayer, his fajr. Another sunrise was about to begin, the third since that fateful morning of the battle of Oasis.

Rolling up his prayer mat, his sajjadah, he stood and looked around at the Haines farm, which had been his refuge since the fight. It looked dreamlike in th……

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