A History of the New Ice Age

Cora Buhlert

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The cryogenic freezing of the dead in hope of a eventual revival has long been the province of cranks and crazies. However, when two frozen mountain gorillas are successfully revived, cryogenics suddenly becomes a viable medical technology. The first humans are revived soon thereafter and though most of them have financial difficulties not to mention problems adjusting to the new world in which they find themselves, their successful revival nonetheless sparks a run on cryogenic freezing with unforeseen social and financial consequences…

This short story of 2300 words chronicles the cryogenics boom of the mid to late twenty-first century.


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A History of the New Ice Age

A History of the New Ice Age

Cryogenics had been used on and off in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, but back then they were merely the province of cranks and weirdoes, dismissed and ridiculed by all serious scientists and physicians.

All that changed on June 28, 2042, when Dr. Helen Owomoyela and her team ma……

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