Snowman’s Chance in Hell

Robert Jeschonek

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Welcome to the icy land of Drift, where flesh falls from the sky like snow, and snow-people build men of meat the way we build snowmen. Champion meat-man builder Wink creates a masterpiece that comes to life like Frosty the Snowman made of meat. But instead of frolicking through the streets like Frosty, this magical newborn meat-man calls himself Hurt and proceeds to live up to his name. Armed with blazing fire, the ultimate weapon in a land of ice and snow, Hurt launches a murderous rampage that only Wink can stop. If Wink can build a meat-wife for Hurt, the meat-man says the carnage will end. But will Hurt keep his promise? Can Wink save his endangered world? Or will snowmen and meat-people alike fall before the fury of another deadly menace, the winter-time monstrosity known as Squall? Don't miss this surprising tale by award-winning writer Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected fantasy that really packs a punch.


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Snowman’s Chance in Hell
Snowman’s Chance in Hell

The man of meat sat at a campfire inside an ice cave and watched the snowman build him a partner.  The fire was just close enough to remind the snowman of the meat man’s new invention and its power to destroy him.

If the snowman, whose name was Wink, had known that the meat man would invent such a rotten thing, he n……

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