Girl Meets Mind Reader

Robert Jeschonek

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Falling in love can be impossible for a mind reader like Virgil. Whenever he meets someone, he sees her deepest flaws and darkest secrets right away. But when beautiful Bridget swoops into his life, he can't read a thought in her head. Bridget's a closed book to him, so of course he falls hard for her—even as he realizes he might not be able to read her mind, but he can see the world through her eyes. And the world she shows him is full of things that shouldn't be there: mermaids, elfin knights...and bloodthirsty monsters. Now that Virgil can see them, too, will he save Bridget or be destroyed in the process? If the world is as strange and terrifying as it seems through her eyes, does their love stand a chance? Or will the dark visions that surround them take away their only chance at happiness? Don't miss this edgy, exciting, and surprising fantasy tale by award-winning storyteller Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected fantasy that really packs a punch.


Tags: sweet
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Girl Meets Mind Reader-3

Maybe, he thought, that was what he'd been looking for all along.  Not someone who met his every criteria, someone who could withstand the intense scrutiny of a mind reader who could lay bare every secret and flaw.

Maybe he'd just been looking for someone he couldn't see through all the way.

"Mm," said Bridget as he drew the kett……

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